Selfie of Annie Basson. She has shoulder length, brown hair. Styled with a slight curl. She is not wearing glasses in this photo, but usually does.

Hi, I'm Annie. 

I created the By Annie Basson brand as a way to showcase my various creative interests. Think of this site as a base where they all come together!

I began making notebooks during lockdown (I'm sure most small businesses start with this line). As a craft hoarder, I had lots of scrapbook paper and was just let go from my apprenticeship. I have always loved stationary and notebooks, so I thought why not learn how to make my own. (Gotta love YouTube!)

I began working in a school as a TA (Teaching Assistant) and found the books were perfect for notes during trainings and fit in my pocket nicely. I had many people ask if I sold them, at the time I didn't feel like they were good enough to sell. When I moved to a new school, I gave the notebooks as gifts.

I continued to gift them until 2023, where my friends and colleagues persuaded me to open an Etsy account. The response has been amazing! I was able to design and print my own covers, with a custom order from a close friend for her wedding favors! 

Those orders funded my first ever Christmas market where I made an amazing profit, which went back into the business. I learnt so much from it and cannot wait to sell at more.

In 2024, ByAnnieBasson.com was created as a creative hub for all of my work, not just notebooks. I cannot wait for you to join me on this journey!